Our work

Meetings and papers

The London Health Commission is committed to transparency.  Papers and minutes of Commission meetings are published here, and the meetings are streamed live when we have the facility to do so.



Videos of many of our meetings and events are available on our Youtube channel.



London Health Commission publications, including the Summary of Call for Evidence report and the Global city comparison report, are available here.


Hearing sessions

We held four hearing sessions in public in January 2014.  Full details including transcripts and videos are available here.

We held a further five hearing sessions across London in May 2014.  Transcripts and videos are available here.

If you have difficulties downloading the attachment; please open this page in another browser (eg, Internet Explorer 11), or email us directly at healthcommission@london.gov.uk.


The Commission examined five broad themes, and made recommendations under each:

Improving the quality and integration of care

This theme is identifying how existing effective models of care in London can be implemented more widely and at pace.

Where health needs – both physical and mental – are not being met, new approaches to healthcare provision are being considered, drawing on national and international evidence. This theme is also considering workforce challenges and how changes to the workforce and education and training can support any new approaches to how healthcare is provided.

Enabling high quality and integrated care delivery

This theme is identifying potential barriers to improving the delivery of care in London.

In exploring how best to overcome such barriers, the Commission is considering a range of issues such as estates, workforce, technology and information, and commissioning, and examining how new approaches to these issues might support improvements in the quality and experience of health and care for London’s population. The work is also assessing whether the health needs of Londoners are accurately understood and reflected in the funding London receives.

Healthy lives and reducing health inequalities

This theme is examining what more can be done to support and engage people in managing their own health and care and to reduce health inequalities, drawing on good practice from the UK and overseas.

It is also examining how other public services (such as transport, housing, education, social care and planning) can support better health and care. Finally, it is looking at the role of business, the voluntary sector and employers generally in supporting people’s health.

Health economy, research and education

This theme is considering how the health sector, including the life sciences and other health-related industries, can support London’s economic growth and prosperity.

A key part of this will be supporting the Mayor’s ambition for “MedCity” in London, the goal of which is to create a ‘golden triangle’ in medical and life sciences research, linking the capital with Oxford and Cambridge.
Specifically, this theme is examining how existing Academic Health Sciences Centres and Networks can further encourage improvements in research, education, patient care, as well as London’s economic growth.

Public engagement

High quality communications and engagement that enables us to connect with Londoners will be a critical factor in the success of the Commission. To do this it is important to raise public understanding and increase dialogue with key stakeholders around health and healthcare.
This theme will examine how people on an individual, community and city-wide level should be engaged in the way health and healthcare is provided. It will look at how individuals can be engaged to take more of an active role in improving their own health and wellbeing and how people should be involved in developing healthcare services.