About us

London faces significant challenges in health and healthcare, many of them unique.

London is a great city and people flock to live here. It is economically and culturally significant to the UK as a whole, and in many respects sets the agenda for global cities around the world.

But great cities only exist because of the people who choose to live there. So London’s greatness relies heavily on the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Against this yardstick, London has made real progress but still faces many challenges.

Good health is vital for the good of society. Individuals’ and communities’ health and wellbeing are closely related to education, transport, housing, employment, crime and the economy. That is why the Mayor has established this Commission – to improve London’s health and wellbeing, its healthcare and its health economy.

The unique opportunity of the London Health Commission is the way in which it brings together the Mayor of London with the NHS, local government and the wider public to address the challenges that London faces.

Our Scope

The Commission is examining five broad themes,
and will make recommendations under each:

  • Improving the quality and integration of care
  • Enabling high quality and integrated care delivery
  • Healthy lives and reducing health inequalities
  • Health economy, research and education
  • Engaging the public on how decisions are made about health and healthcare

You can read more about the work of the
Commission in our scoping document.

  • Autumn 2013: Publish scope and Call for Evidence.
  • Winter 2013: Written evidence received.
  • Winter/Spring 2014: Evidence hearing sessions undertaken.
  • Spring 2014: Analysis of the challenges and opportunities
  • Summer/Autumn 2014: Final report of the Commission’s recommendations.